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I. Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1.  A warranty sticker which indicates the date the item was sold (month, day, and year) or a unique serial number and a warranty slip stating the product’s warranty start and end date is used to identify each item sold by HUBE Consumer Electronics Trading. These are required elements to avail warranty claims, otherwise, warranty will be void.
  2. Each product has varied warranty period, as such warranty periods will be indicated in the documents mentioned in I-A for clarity purposes.
  3. Units assembled by HUBE Consumer Electronics Trading authorized technicians also bears the assembly seal or sticker indicating the assembly date and identification of the technician.
  4. Items found defective within 1 week of purchase are allowed for Advance Warranty
  5. Replacement (AWR) depending on the availability and subject to the terms of Section II and Section III-E.
  6. Smartphones warranty shall be coursed through the brand’s accredited Service Center.
  7. Extended warranties advertised or offered by the manufacturer of the product have their own warranty terms and conditions that will require the customer to register the product on the manufacturer’s website. For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

II. Exclusion from the Warranty Coverage

  1. All physical damages including but not limited to electrical overstress (EOS) or “over-clocking”, bent pins, melted wires, circuit board cut traces, blown metal links, corrosion, due to accumulated dirt/moisture or insect/rodent urine, improper assembly, poor care, scratches, damages during transport, water damage, or damages caused by natural disasters.
  2. Products with defaced or altered serial numbers and warranty stickers or any alteration, modification, repairs made by a 3rd party.
  3. Smartphone, desktop, and laptop products whose software has been modified, rooted, or tampered with or its recovery partitions have been deleted.
  4. Loss of data (back-up files often) or transport costs
  5. Free or promotional items.
  6. Use of non-authorized inks, or continuous ink conversions on printers
  7. LCD monitors with less than 6 dead pixels (bright/dark) are not eligible for warranty claims unless the product offers a Zero Bright Dot (ZBD) warranty.
  8. LCD monitors and laptops whose defect is initially diagnosed as black-out, no power, or no display output are not eligible for Advance Warranty Replacement (AWR) claim.

III. Steps in Filing Warranty Claims

  1. A. Present the defective item with the Warranty Slip to the HUBE Consumer Electronics Trading Technician for diagnosis. A Job Order Form (JO) will be issued by the technician for all defective items. Present the Warranty Slip with the corresponding Job Order Form to claim warranty.
  2. B. For lost Warranty Slips, present the Sales Invoice and a certified true copy of the Warranty Slip will be issued for a fee of ₱100 (one hundred Pesos).
  3. C. Job Order Form (JO) is required upon claiming of replaced/repaired warranty items. If the JO is lost upon claiming, please present an affidavit of loss and 2 valid IDs for verification purposes.
  4. D. Interbranch claiming of warranty is not allowed without Warranty Slip. Only the branch where the item was purchased can reissue a new warranty slip.
  5. E. For Advance Warranty Replacement (AWR) claims, the product must be returned in its original packaging along with all the intact components of the sales package.

Warranty Process

  1. Items covered by the warranty will be sent to the supplier/manufacturer. Always return defective items in its complete box/packaging and accessories.
  2. Defective items under warranty that have no available replacement are eligible for an upgrade, provided that the customer pays for the price difference between the upgraded and older model. Warranty on the replacement/upgraded item will be carried over from the defective item’s warranty date.
  3. Customers will be contacted when a replacement item is made available in 60 days or less. Upon notification, a 60-day period will be given to claim the warrantied item. When claiming upgraded items, please return old boxes, accessories, drivers, etc. of the warrantied item. A storage fee of ₱50 (fifty Pesos) will be charged per day past the 60-day claim period. Items unclaimed after 90 days will be forfeited.
  4. Always keep the Receipt to facilitate Warranty Claims.

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